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Using Copper Pennies for Investment Purposes

The demand for copper is on the rise worldwide and this has an effect on the price. As you probably know already, basic economics shows us that the dollar can fluctuate in value tremendously, and this can have quite an effect on your savings as well as your investments. Having a diverse approach to working with your investments is the most widely recommended strategy for growth and security. But how can copper pennies fit in to this mix?

Copper pennies, because there is a very limited supply of them comparatively speaking, offer some unique points. For one thing, they have not been made since 1982 so this attributes itself to the fact that there are only so many of them available, and the numbers will continue to dwindle. While they are not of high interest among coin collectors, they do contain 95% copper and that brings up another important point. The copper pennies, unlike the dollar bill, are worth more than their actual face value today. This is rather an attention getting fact that many people find interesting, especially when it comes to their investment interests. Buying these cents makes good sense if you can store them.

Copper Bullion 2011

Copper is used for an enormous variety of products. It can be found in everything from household items, industrial facilities, transportation and electronic components. So with a limited supply, which will only decrease as time progresses, and a commodity which holds more value than its current buying power, you would think that the old copper bullion pennies would be a great choice for investing purposes right? This does make sound economic sense.

Today there is a strong and growing demand for copper around the globe. As you can imagine, the price of copper is likely to rise due to the increasing demand for it. Ultimately when you buy copper bullion pennies you are able to hold and control the actual physical investment. On the contrary, holding other forms of investments such as stocks or bonds are merely represented on paper. Gathering and holding copper cents will take a bit of time and space, yet these efforts can provide the diversity which is such an important factor.