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Locating Rarities Sorting through Penny Rolls

Several of the wheat penny key dates were produced in larger amounts and these higher mintage mean that they are still being found unexpectedly today, just not quite as frequently as they had been in the past. This is the exact opposite of the 1931-S pennies though since the mintage numbers are notably less than that of other years. Any of the pennies made of 90% copper could have been produced with another material yet this only occurred briefly with the 1943 penny which contains both bronze as well as copper, and the 1944 penny which was made of steel. These are the rare examples of using alternate materials to produce the common penny at that time.

The reasons for some of these examples being produced with different materials is directly tied to the events of the time periods, primarily being the Great Depression and the Second World War. These days the copper pennies are obviously not produced anymore and this does reduce the production costs to produce them, yet in reality it reduces their value as well. The real value of the pennies made from copper (pre-1983) is in their actual copper content (90%).

Sorting takes Time

There is a strong demand around the world for copper today and it is a relatively valuable commodity. In time the speculative approach to pennie hoarding has become a very systematic process of sorting through bags of pennies in search of those made prior to 1983.

Is this a time consuming process? Yes it is, but setting up a system will at least reduce the time it takes to sort through various rolls and bags. Many of the modern coin sorting machines are excellent at separating not only the exact coins from one another, but sorting those with copper content as well. If you decide to buy a coin sorter it will save an amazing amount of time and allow more time to actually focus on finding rolls of unsearched bulk copper pennies for sale. I find that it is easier to stay focused on sorting the copper pennies as opposed to looking for rare key dates because of the extra time involved, but like most people who do this, it is hard to resist because most of us have found and still do find some awesome markings and key dates like these examples. So even though it requires an extra step after you buy the wheat pennies, since the rarer and more valuable examples are still being found it can be worth it to perform this extra step.