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Interest in Common Cents and Potential Value

Pennies are very common and something that each of us sees so frequently in our daily lives that we hardly ever give them a second thought, even though we handle them so often. These are the smallest denomination of coins, and on their own they represent only one cent which is not enough to get too many people excited. Yet some people have a more focused interest in these small coins due to the fact that the ones made prior to 1983 contain 95% copper.

It has been a long time since pennies were made out of copper. Modern pennies are currently made out of zinc and this obviously results in more difficulty in acquiring copper pennies on the street so to speak. But who really has an interest in this, do people miss them? Those who really have an interest in these will usually have an objective which is to gather, or hoard the pennies in large numbers for their value in copper. This has absolutely nothing to do with numismatics or historically significant reasons. The fact is that they are valuable due to the copper content which they have.

Bag of Copper Pennies

Now, even people who actively gather and sort large quantities of pennies know that in order for any real value to be seen, they have to amass really large quantities of them. Yet by simply keeping track of the copper prices you can see just how this could theoretically turn out to be a very good investment if these are eventually able to be melted down. The newer pennies which are made of zinc are going to be used for only their monetary value, or face value which is just one cent. Even these may not be around for too many more years as there are some movements which are attempting to simply move to a monetary system which does not include the single cent at all. This could be good news for anyone who has an interest in collectible pennies of any type because they will only get rarer from that point onward.

Yet at this time it is the copper pennies which hold strong today, even in the current economic climate. These are worth more than their face value, and that is impressive in an economy which faces a highly devalued dollar in the United States. Not having adequate purchasing power does not instill confidence in investors or even people simply trying to ward-off inflation.

Obviously though, this is not something which just anyone is going to be interested in pursuing. Penny hoarding takes a lot of consistent effort in sorting the old pennies from the new. Also, anyone pursing this will need to carefully look for any valuable pennies which might actually be of interest to collectors. This will include coins with special designations or rare years for instance. However, when the numbers grow significant enough, there can indeed be an impressive value in holding of larger numbers of copper pennies. Like anything worthwhile though, there has to be a genuine interest and a real commitment right from the beginning.