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Copper Pennies 1982 and Earlier

Copper pennies produced from 1982 and earlier actually contain 95% copper. This means that even the uninteresting coins collectors will not want will hold value because they are made of copper. The result is that the pennies can be worth far more than their face value. The options for selling copper pennies from 1982 and earlier include online auctions, classified ads and coin dealers. Maintaining their value may mean that your markup is not as great as it would be if you were able to sell them for scrap though. This would not apply to those coins which are valuable for their collectible specifics.

1982 Copper Penny

This will not include selling them for scrap though due to the fact that they cannot be legally melted down at this time, while there has been talk of this changing. This is basically the reason why you should not expect to get the full value of the copper at this time either. There are plenty of people who are collectors and actively purchase Wheat pennies and Indian head pennies, and they are always looking for specific key dates as well as other specifics. This approach will allow you to actually get market prices especially for the desirable coins.

After having gathered the pennies and you have sorted though all of them, you may find that taking the more interesting coins, like the Wheat and Indian head copper pennies, and selling them for their numismatic values will be the best move. Using the money that you accumulate using this approach, you can purchase even more unsearched copper pennies. This entire process can easily be repeated. Sort through the next batch of pennies, sell the valuable examples, and purchase more to begin the sorting process all over again all the while accumulating a substantial amount of copper.

Some people also ask about what the future of the penny will be. This is because for a long time now, there has been talk that the penny may disappear all together. There would simple be a method of rounding up the cost of goods thus resulting in no real need for one cent coins. Either way it goes, even the coins which are not interesting to collectors are valuable because they are in essence copper bullion. This is certainly not as valuable as other metals like gold or silver, but the copper penny does offer a unique method to amass this metal at less than the market price with the possibility of being able to get the scrap value someday which is significantly higher than the face value of the pennies at this time.