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Coin Counters from Vintage to Modern

Over the decades coin counting machines have changed, yes pun intended. Since we are talking about vintage coin counters though you should expect to see some signs of wear because these were often heavily used by the people who were patrons of the businesses which used them. However there are some that can be found that were for personal use and occasionally they can be found in pristine condition although this is rarer. The machines which have been used more recently are actually likely to be in better working condition than those which have only sat unused for decades because when the coin counting machines are used their parts are less likely to freeze-up do to lack of use.

Old Standard Johnson Coin Sorter Handle

Many of these will also need to be cleaned since, like most antiques they will have been in storage for lengthy periods of time. The cleanup process is simple enough to do but it is rather tedious and time consuming since many of the old coin sorters have lots of moving parts which are exposed by design. The more desirable models are the electric type with manual options as well.

These have been found in some not so obvious places like churches for instance where they served as a means for people to count the coins which the church received on Sunday Services. You might not think of this right-off the bat but there have been some wonderful old Standard & Johnson coin counters we have located this way. It is really rare to find vintage coin sorters which still have the original paperwork and packaging however some people did actually keep these together in storage and when this is the case it provides a terrific glimpse into the days when they were originally produced. Even better yet is to find the ones that also have the original accessories with them like the cover or bag holders.

Vintage Downey Johnson Mechanism

Other favorite models include Lynde-Ordway Downey-Johnson vintage coin counters designed to quickly and accurately sort a variety of coins. These were high quality way back then and still today are quite fast and reliable as well. The models can count, wrap and bag coins at relatively high speeds.

Even back in the 1930’s these were impressive enough but today they bring about an impressive historical aspect as well and this is appealing to many collectors. Sure, the Reilly copper coin sorter that we use these days is more technically advanced yet the older machines help us understand their evolution into what they are today. These machines are capable of counting pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and some even fifty cent pieces. Others of interest include the Brandt Manuel coin counters which can be individually identified by their respective model numbers. Most people prefer electric coin sorting machines for the sake of speed however many of the vintage models offer the ability manually operate the machines too. This is where you will see handles and gears and other exposed parts that actually make the machines work. Even when these are in rough condition they are still quite appealing and can be refurbished if necessary by someone with the right know-how. Even just a good cleaning can go a long way in improving their appearance. When all the parts are already there it is the best scenario though because finding the parts for the really old coin counters can be a challenge.